Berkshire Advisor Resource, Inc. and Wilson Brokerage Services, Inc. Merge to Create New Entity
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Berkshire Advisor Resource, Inc. and Wilson Brokerage Services, Inc. have merged to create a new company – Income Protection Resource Group, LLC – that ranks with the country’s largest and most competitive brokerage firms.


The merger combines two leading insurance brokerage firms. Income Protection Resource Group, LLC will provide case design and product knowledge in the following areas: Disability, Critical Illness, Long term Care, Life, Annuities, and Specialty Insurance. The new company will have a larger market share, more national coverage, and more product solutions for their advisors.


The combined company expects to realize synergy of operations and enhanced service levels.


“We’ve had a business relationship for a number of years,” says T. Patrick Wilson, President of Wilson Brokerage Services, Inc., “but we have known each other for 20 years. We have combined because we want to be the preeminent brokerage firm in the country. Bringing our resources, our talent and our systems together will allow us to better serve our broker community.”


“This merger affords Income Protection Resource Group, LLC to service brokers in all time zones across the country,” said Andrew W. Mathews, President of Berkshire Advisor Resource, Inc.


The advantage to the brokerage community is a depth of expertise, an increased amount of product solutions, and advanced case design. Together, the teams from Berkshire Advisor Resource, Inc. and Wilson Brokerage Services, Inc., have more than 200 years of expertise in the insurance field.


“We now have the product, the expertise, the solutions and the advanced case support,” said Wilson.


The company will continue to maintain offices in both Denver, CO and Cincinnati, OH.

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